The new sera stepper motor pump iSTEP® combines an intelligent drive concept with the precision of a diaphragm dosing pump. It sets new standards in terms of precision and reliability. Variable speed adjustment gives it almost limitless applications and besides that it is also easy to use, long-lasting, and perfectly suitable for especially demanding dosing tasks. Multilingual menu navigation and an international power supply system make it possible to use the new model series worldwide.

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The new EcoBlue®

The new solenoid diaphragm dosing pump EcoBlue® offers more than just quality and reliability: designed and manufactured in Germany to low prices!

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Technical Publication: High performance at high pressure

Successful introduction of diaphragm compressors of the MV5 Series.

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Technical Publication: Precise dosing – thanks to sera!

The alternating supply of two reactors with different amounts of a detergent solution (Mersolath H3O) with a dosing pump - no big challenge for us!

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Technical Publication: The energy revolution – with sera compressors

Efficient and safe hydrogen compression and storage with metal diaphragm compressors from sera.

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Technical Publication: Energy generation – an issue for the whole world

Two preparation- and dosing stations for caustic soda (NaOH), as well as a preparation- and dosing station for aqueous ammonia (NH4OH) for the Russian power plant TES Polyarnaya.

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Technical Publication: Making energy out of paper!

The company Modern Karton, manufacturer of packaging paper and corrugated cardboard, decided to do just that!

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Technical Publication: Preparation- and dosing station for flue gas desulphurisation

Preparation and Dosing with big-bag unloader - one of the latest developments from us!

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Technical Publication: Enzyme extraction for your health

sera CIP dosing contribute to hygiene in the production of enzymes!

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What characterises sera?

  • Experience and Know-how for decades  
  • Extensive Know-how in industrial sectors and applications
  • High flexibility of customized solutions with our own engineering
  • Speed, reliability and adherence to delivery dates
  • 24-hour delivery service
  • Services: advice, engineering, commissioning, assembly, maintenance and repair
  • Training and qualifications for customers
  • Innovative, rugged and long-lasting products with high quality
  • Intelligent, controllable single components
  • Automated system solutions
  • High operational safety and economic efficiency

sera App

We have developed an unique and free of charge app. It shows you at a glance hazard and the respective resistance of the materials used in the dosing and compressor technology against liquid and gaseous chemicals.

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