Chlorine dioxide preparation and dosing units

Capacity up to 1.000 g ClO2/h at pressures up to 10 bar.

sera Chlorine Dioxide Preparation and dosing units are dosing units for an efficient preparation and exact metering of 2% and 0,2% chlorine dioxide solutions.

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Capability characteristics

  • Constant impact within a wide range of pH-value
  • At the same concentration higher impact than chlorine
  • No chlorphenol formation
  • No formation of THM
  • Long lasting bacteriostatic  protection
  • No chemical reaction with ammonium and ammonium compounds, thus no formation of nitrosamines
  • Great sporicidal, viricidial and algicidal characteristics
  • Elimination of odor, flavor and dye
  • Elimination of biofilms inside the piping

Field of application

  • Disinfection of drinking, industrial and cooling water.
  • Preparation of drinking, industrial, sewage and process water (industrial and comunal)
  • Removal of biofilms in pipe systems
  • PH-value-independent disinfection
  • Destruction of germs, spores, yeasts, viruses