Compressors in the chemical and petrochemical industry

In the chemical and petrochemical industry, there are a wide variety of applications for sera compressors, like:

  • Air separation (noble gases)
  • Blanketing with inert gases
  • Natural gas desulfurization
  • Polyethylene-, polypropylene- and more polymer processes
  • Hydrogenation
  • Chemical processes

Gases such as Hydrogen, Ethylene, noble gases
Fluorine-containing gases (TFE, BF3, SIF4, HF rtc.)
Chlorinated gases (HCL, CL2 etc.)
Corrosive, toxic, explosive gases (H2S, CO etc.)
Flammable gases, and many more.

The usual pressures are up to 250 bar and flow rates
up to 400 Nm3 / h and higher.