Non-Electric Water Driven Proportional Dosing

Manufacturers of Water Driven non-electric proportional dosing feeders, both reciprocating and rotary.

Water driven proportional dosing feeders offer accurate
dosing of chemicals, cooling and cutting oils and nutrients,
proportional to the water flow rate, without having to
measure the flow or without electrical power.



  • Cutting and Cooling Oils for Machine Tools
  • Printing and Printing Machine Applications
  • AgriChem Dosing and Fertigation systems
  • Rural Water Treatment

Water Flow Range and Dosage Precentages:

  • The units can handle water flows from 40 l/h to 200m3/h, in a wide selection of hydraulic motors.
  • Dosage ranges from 0,0001% to 10% are possible.
  • Pressure loss ≤1.5 bar, application dependant.
  • Operating pressures ≤10 bar [14 bar possible on request].






High Volume Proprtional Dosing Feeder





Cutting oil



Tunnel Plant Protection



Multiple Disinfection



Mobile Multi-Spray