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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the globally applicable and standardized code that guides and controls the values, basic principles and corporate conduct of sera’s employees or affiliates.

As an environmental technology company and family-based company, we have a social responsibility towards our customers, business partners, employees, the society and the environment. Being a globally operating company, we must comply with various regulatory, social, cultural and political conditions within the country and abroad.

This implies that sera and its employees undertake to act lawfully and in accordance with ethical values at all times and in all situations. The senior management has an important role to play in implementing this. The objective of this Code of Conduct is to provide the employees with an orientation for acting on one’s own responsibility when facing legal, cultural, and ethical challenges in their daily work. At the same time, the code of conduct shall ensure that all the employees adhere to laws and norms as well as ethical principles and values.

We have ensured that each employee as well as our business partners can access the sera Code of Conduct on our webpage. It is an integral part of our employees’ introduction programs and trainings. Additionally, we ensure that it is adhered to and implemented in business practice. Infringements of the Code of Conduct shall not be tolerated and shall result in employment- and labor law related consequences, depending upon the severity of the infringement.

  • Please find our Code of Conduct here