Dosing Pumps For over 70 years Excellence in fluid technology


A strong company for more than 75 years.


  •    The sera group is again awarded the TOP 100 seal as one of the most innovative companies in the SME sector.


  •    The sera group is awarded the honorary plaque of the grand prize for medium-sized companies
  •    Roland Tittel is appointed Managing Director of sera Hydrogen GmbH
  •    sera ProDos S.L. changes its name to sera Technología Iberia S.L.
  •    sera ProDos SA (Pty) Ltd. changes its name to sera Technology SA (PTY) Ltd.
  •    sera ProDos UK Ltd. changes its name to sera Technology UK Ltd.
  •    sera Technology Austria GmbH moves and opens a new sales and manufacturing location in St. Marienkirchen near Schärding


  •    The sera Group receives the TOP 100 seal as one of the most innovative companies in the SME sector


  •    sera celebrates its 75th company anniversary
  •    sera ComPress GmbH changes its name to sera Hydrogen GmbH
  •    The sera Group receives the "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes 2020" (Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses 2020)


  •    Foundation of sera Technology Swiss GmbH in Arlesheim, Switzerland


  •    Awarded as a finalist (Hesse) at the Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  •    Foundation of sera Technology Austria GmbH in Suben, Austria
  •    Foundation of sera Vertriebsservice Süd GmbH in Passau, Germany
  •    Stephan Hillebrand is appointed General Manager of sera ComPress GmbH


  •    Stepper motor pump iSTEP ranks 3rd place at Best of Industry Award
  •    Launch of the new sera INTERFACE MODULE for the integration into Profibus systems


  •    Foundation of sera ProDos S.L. in Castalla, Spanien
  •    sera’s new stepper motor pump iSTEP is a finalist at Industriepreis 2016
  •    Launch of the magnetic diaphragm pump EcoBlue


  •    sera celebrates 70 years anniversary
  •    All sera pumps are equipped with a service QR-code


  •    Introduction of controller and sensors type AQUASENSO
  •    Introduction of Polymer Station Type PolyLine


  •     Seybert & Rahier GmbH + Co. Betriebs-KG has been transformed to the sera GmbH


  •     Extensive modernization of the headquarter in Immenhausen
  •     Introduction of Compact Tank Dosing Unit for floor mounting CTD


  •     Introduction of the new piston diaphragm pump series R511.1-KM


  •      Founding of sera ProDos SA (PTY) Ltd. in Johannesburg, South Africa
  •      Founding of the sera subsidiaries sera ProDos GmbH and sera ComPress GmbH


  •      Introduction of standardised Compact Dosing System for wall mounting CVD 
  •      Introduction of multi-layer diaphragm pump series R409.2-ML/R410.2-ML optionally with integrated control electronics C409.2-ML and
         piston diaphragm pump series R409.2-KM/R410.2-KM optionally with integrated control electronics C409.2-KM


  •      Founding of sera ProDos UK Ltd. in Peterborough, England


  •      Launch of the modular diaphragm dosing pump series R409.2/R410.2 optionally with integrated control electronics C409.2/C410.2


  •      Helmut Rahier, Graduate Economist, who has successfully led the company for 30 years, dies
  •      The company exists since 60 years
  •      Product launch of the Chlorine Dioxide Units CDG
  •      Product launch of the air driven diaphragm pump type series


  •       Carsten Rahier is alone authorized Managing Director of the family business in the third generation
  •       Presentation of the first Multi-layer diaphragm pump type series ML 409/411


  •       Successful change of the quality management system to ISO 9001:2000
  •       Introduction of the intelligent solenoid diaphragm pump series with BUS-control R/C204


  •       Launch of the KKV dosing system with automatic control for the textile industry


  •       Carsten Rahier joins the management of the company


  •        Expansion of the international sales network in Europe, Asia, Middle-East and North and South America


  •       The second founder, Reinhold Seybert, dies


  •        sera becomes one of the first DIN EN ISO 9001 certified companies in Germany


  •        The first founder, Hubert Rahier, dies


  •       Expansion of the distribution network to Eastern Europe, Asia, South America and Africa
  •       Enlargement of the customer-specific construction of dosing units for power plants, chemical industry and water treatment


  •       The second founder, Reinhold Seybert, resigns from the company´s management


  •        Expansion of the international sales network in FIN, E, P, I, GR, KR, SRB, HR, BIH
  •        The product range of the dosing and preparation units is continuously expanded and comprehensively supplemented by
           new technologies and production possibilites


  •       The first of the two founders, Hubert Rahier, resignes from the company and hands over the management to Helmut Rahier


  •      Expansion of the distribution network in GB, DK, S
  •      Enlargement of the compressor range to 2-stage units, horizontal vacuum compressors, oxygen compressors and special
         compressor designs for power plant
  •      Launch of KKV combination pumps for the textile industry according to the single bath padding process
  •      Development of the first diaphragm dosing pumps with magnetic drive


  •      Mr. Helmut Rahier joins the management of the company


  •        Expansion of distribution partners in F, B, L
  •        Manufacture of the first customer-specific dosing units and systems with corresponding instrumentation and control
  •        Product launch of the piston diaphragm pump type series


  •        Development and building of the first single-stage metal diaphragm compressor for gases


  •       Product launch of the first diaphragm dosing pump type series R409e for lower dosing mounts


  •       First foreign distribution partners in NL, A, CH, N


  •       Pumps for higher pressures, such as piston pumps, plunger pumps and metal diaphragm pumps are included in the product range


  •       Patent registration of the first double diaphragm dosing pump in Europe


  •       Development of the first dosing pump for acids


  •       Founding of the company by Reinhold Seybert and Hubert Rahier under the name Seybert & Rahier OHG