CIP Cleaning – Hygiene of the highest standard

CIP means Cleaning in Place. The cleaning of the unit happens at the spot. Therefore the unit must not be disassembled for the cleaning.

The CIP cleaning is mainly used in the food industry, the dairy industry as well as the pharmacy and the laboratory technology. Parts that get in contact with the medium are cleaned at the spot to remove deposits quick and efficient.

Capable CIP diaphragm pumps of sera meet the guidelines of aseption and sterilization. The geometrical design of the pump body, suction valve and pressure valve prevents dead spaces. Also all areas are flown by the optimal flow rate.

The areas which get in contact are electro polished by using the material 1.4435. The seals of the valves follow DIN 11851 and FDA standard. The connections of the pipe connections are thread clips following DIN 11851 or Tri-Clamp clips following DIN 32676.

Rohre zur CIP-Reinigung