Dosing systems

For decades the proven sera delivery program has had an excellent reputation for its high-quality and long-lived products in the area of dosing units. Besides the customized dosing stations sera offers the following types of equipment and standardised dosing sytems.

Standardised compact dosing systems

Our standardised compact dosing systems are multiple useable, these systems combine quick availability and short delivery times.

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Polymer Stations

Standardised polymer preparation unit sera PolyLine is a series of simple, flexible, economical and efficient systems for the preparation of polymers.

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Customized Dosing Systems

Individual dosing systems tailored to your application.

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Sodium hydroxide preparation system

sera has developed sodium hydroxide preparation system, a cost-efficient system solution specifically aimed at industries with fluctuating, but large requirements of alkaline detergents or for countries where a continuous delivery is not secured.

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KKV Dosing System

sera KKV - dosing systems were developed in collaboration with DyStar for dosing and mixing Levafix® - and Remazol® - padding liquors when dyeing using the single-bath padding process.

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