"Water is the coal of the future. The energy of tomorrow is water that has been broken down by electricity. The elements of water broken down in this way, hydrogen and oxygen, will secure the earth's energy supply for the unforeseeable future." - Jules Verne came to this realisation as early as 1870 in his work "The Mysterious Island".

At a time when fossil fuels are becoming scarce and environmental protection is becoming increasingly essential for our planet, sera Hydrogen GmbH has committed itspi-7001_04_en_infinity_piston_compressor.pdfelf to precisely this vision. With this in mind, we have developed and launched our innovative hydrogen refuelling station to take a pioneering step towards preserving our environment and doing our bit for the energy revolution. Hydrogen technology as the fuel of the future. 


Piston Compressor


sera Technology container

The technical container is the central element of the sera hydrogen refuelling station. The modular technology container is equipped with state-of-the-art compressor systems, cooling technology, valve technology and a control system.
The hydrogen is first compressed to up to 900 bar using compressors and then stored in buffer tanks until required. The buffer storage tanks can be installed both inside and outside the technology container. 


Technikcontainer Wasserstofftankstelle

Storage solutions

We offer versatile solutions for storing hydrogen.
Among other things, with our efficient large-capacity bundles.
A large-capacity bundle is a rack containing gas cylinders. All gas cylinders in the large-capacity bundle are connected to each other via pipes and valves. This storage solution is ideal if the system is to be expanded at a later date, as any number of bundles can be placed. Even very small quantities can be stored with this concept.

Großraumbündel Wasserstofftankstelle

Icons Advantages at a glance

Thanks to standardised modules, the hydrogen filling station can be optimally adapted to the customer's needs. Subsequent extensions are no problem.

Our innovative piston compressor enables high delivery rates. This means that frequent refuelling with high delivery rates can also be realised without any problems.

Due to the slow stroke of our compressor, wear parts are subject to little stress and therefore have a long service life.


Our system container has been designed so that every technical component is easy to reach. This minimises service times and guarantees smooth operation.

In order to be able to operate the sera hydrogen refuelling station in noise-sensitive areas, special care was taken during development to keep noise emissions as low as possible.

The electro-hydrostatic drive and the low frictional forces of our innovative compressor technology ensure low energy consumption.


How does the hydrogen get to the sera hydrogen refuelling station?

It's quite simple! sera offers various system solutions that cover both commercial and public applications.

Icon Dispenser Wasserstofftankstelle


In this scenario, the hydrogen is produced locally by an electrolyser and fed directly into the refuelling station system. One of our innovative compressors then compresses the hydrogen to the required pressure level in order to fill it directly into the storage tanks. There it is available on demand.


One way of guaranteeing the hydrogen supply at the refuelling station is to deliver hydrogen by trailer. The hydrogen must be produced elsewhere and is then delivered in a trailer. The driver of the tanker connects it to the sera remote filling system and allows the hydrogen to flow into the storage tanks.

Schema Anlieferung Wasserstoff