Do you need a replacement pump urgently and need a quality brand?

sera ProDos SA (Pty) Ltd are using innovative methods to quicken
reaction times to our customer needs. Since 2014, sera will
manufacture the following pump types in South Africa and our
lead time is 2-3 days to you *!

With our flexible modular stock system we are able to provide our controllable pump types to you from stock. Assembly follows our international quality standards and pumps will be delivered with functional test and quality certification together with the manual. In addition we are also capable to support you onsite with our service if needed.



Please contact our staff for more information!

Pump type** Flow capacity [l/h] Max. counter pressure [bar]
C204.1-2,4e 2,4 10
C204.1-7e 7 10
R409.2-12e 12 10
C409.2-12e 12 10
R409.2-18e 18 10
C409.2-18e 18 10
R409.2-25e 25 10
C409.2-25e 25 10
R409.2-50e 50 10
C409.2-50e 50 10
R409.2-75e 75 10
C409.2-75e 75 10
R409.2-90e 90 8
C409.2-90e 90 8
R409.2-140e 140 8
C409.2-140e 140 8

* Availability depending on order size and stock amounts.
Lead time also depending on special motor requirements.
** Available materials:
- Pump body: PP / PVC-U
- Valve balls: PTFE
- O-rings: EPDM / FPM

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