Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – sera Group awarded as finalist

No other business competition in Germany has received such a large response, which has lasted for more than two decades now, as the “Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, which has been awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation in Leipzig since 1994. In addition to promoting networks in small and medium-sized enterprises, the primary aim of the competition is to gain public recognition and acknowledgement of the achievements of the nominated companies; the prize is not endowed.

Nominations for small and medium-sized enterprises can only be made by third parties. The sera Group was nominated by Esther Dilcher, member of the Bundestag, by Board Xperts GmbH and by the Association of Metal and Electrical Enterprises in Hesse. The nominated enterprises were evaluated comprehensively according to the criteria overall development of the enterprise, creation and safeguarding of jobs and training positions, innovation and modernisation, commitment in the region as well as service, customer focus and marketing. An independent jury of experts then decided on the winners and finalists.

During a ceremonial gala event last Saturday in Würzburg, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation awarded the “Grand Prizes for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” for the states of Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg. A total of more than 4,900 companies were nominated nationwide. Of the 250 companies in Hesse, five finalists were awarded prizes.

The sera Group is proud to be one of those finalists. This award proves that the respected jury of experts counts the sera group among the TOP FIVE small and medium-sized enterprises in Hessen. “This is a special appreciation of our work and affirmation that we have set the right course for the future with our strong values and a clear strategy,” Managing Partner of the sera Group, Carsten Rahier, stated happily. “This is a credit to everyone at sera. Each of them has done his or her part to ensure that the sera group is where it is today, and that it is where it belongs.” “The Grand Prize for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises is the most prestigious prize for companies of our size, and being among the finalists here is an absolute honour! It is proof that, with our mix of tradition and innovation, we are operating exactly in the right way and that we are creating real added value,” added Stefan Merwar, Authorised Representative of the sera Group and Head of Marketing and Communication.

With this, the sera Group continues its success story.