High pressure technology offers a wide range of applications

Dosing pumps and systems from sera are used in many industrial sectors. sera Technology Austria GmbH also offers everything around high pressure and nozzle technology: From design, manufacturing and assembly to commissioning. 

Air-conditioning units are usually used to cool large production halls or buildings. Their efficiency depends on the ambient air drawn in for the process. Thus, in hot summer temperatures, the units are often not able to cool down the strongly heated ambient air sufficiently to use it for air-conditioning the buildings or halls. This can be remedied by cooling the intake air with water mist, which in turn increases the efficiency of the air-conditioning systems. 

However, if a low-pressure system is used for this purpose, condensation can form in the intake section of the air-conditioning system, which can lead not only to the formation of germs but also to corrosion of the installed components.

High-pressure atomised water is a very good and efficient alternative here: it evaporates 850 times faster because the water surface is increased two million times. A de-halping control ensures that the system only nebulises as much water as the ambient air can absorb. This prevents condensation from forming and prevents water precipitation - the air can be cooled with water without the risk of corrosion of wetted parts such as radiators or heat exchangers. 

Germ-free. Since the water used to cool the air is converted into a fine mist at high pressure and does not precipitate or settle, germs have no chance and the sterility of the system is guaranteed. This allows the service life between cleaning cycles to be extended and thus the efficiency of the system to be increased even further. 

Cooling systems of this type are designed by sera Technology Austria GmbH exactly according to customer specifications, so that they are always made for the special requirements. They are used, for example, in adiabatic industrial cooling, condensation cooling, room air cooling or in nebulisation systems. 

Possible applications for high-pressure technology: sera naturally offers customer-specific high-pressure technology for many other areas of application. Whether it is a single unit or a complete system - the experts at serawill be happy to advise you on its use in the following areas of application: 

  • Washing systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Chemical processes
  • Tank truck interior cleaning (truck and railway)
  • Tank cleaning
  • Water hydraulics
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Waste management
  • Food technology

Thanks to years of expertise and extensive know-how, not only in high-pressure technology, but also in dosing technology, as well as in nozzle technology, sera offers the possibility of an individual all-in-one solution. Each system is designed and planned by product specialists according to customer-specific requirements. They also supervise the production of the systems and are responsible for commissioning and installation at the customer's site. If desired, sera will of course also take care of the maintenance and service of the installed system. 

sera can therefore supply the complete process chain for countless industrial applications - the customer receives everything necessary from a single source. And a permanent sera contact person for all matters relating to his system. 

This article was first published in the special edition "Pumpen- und Lebensmittelindustrie" of "Maschinenmarkt Österreich" (January 2021).