Phnom Penh - Heineken

Breweries use caustic soda particularly because it is cost-effective: transport, delivery and storage of goods in sacks with undissolved solids is significantly less expensive than ready-made solutions. The extensive building work which is required to accommodate delivery of ready-made solutions in tankers containing hazardous substances is also unnecessary. Above all, however, the well-known suppliers in the drinks industry value the flexibility that they have with their own preparation unit: solutions are prepared as required and their concentration can be adjusted by increasing or lowering the amount of solid materials added. 

These factors also played a part in the decision of Heineken, the operator of the Cambodia Brewery Ltd. in Phnom Penh, to go back to a caustic soda preparation unit in its renovation of the brewery in 2016.
The system supplied consists of a stainless steel batching tank, an agitator and a special conveyor that is separate from the batching tank. The conveyor consists of a feed hopper and a stainless steel screw-conveyor that carries the solid materials to the 
batching tank. With this design, the operating personnel are not in the immediate danger area of the batching tank in which the solid matter reacts exothermically with water.

The batching tank has a level indicator with a shut-off valve, a temperature display and a pipe safety cage to prevent accidental physical contact. The prepared solution is transferred into a larger storage tank either by a sera refilling system. 

A sera CVD (Compact Vertical Dosing) system with a modular design is also provided to remove the solution from the storage tank and feed it precisely into the cleaning process.