Promotion extended!

You purchased a sera dosing system or you plan to do so?

Here is a deal which keeps you smiling! sera offers great deals on commissioning for new sera dosing skids. You safe costs and time when our experts do the job for you until June 2015! Depending on the value of the purchase of a new sera we offer you free service hours with it!

We make sure with our service team that your new system is running to the point.

We offer:

  • Brief check of your system where our products will
    be incorporated in
  • We set our systems to the performance range and settings you require (pumps, pump controller, pulsation dampeners, relief valves, etc.)
  • We do a running test for you
  • We train your staff on the job
  • We hand you over all important instructions, manuals and maintenance schedules

Please ask our staff for more information!

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