sera Group announces short-time work

  • sera temporarily reduces its operational business at its main location in Immenhausen as well as in the branches in Austria and Passau.
  • sera applies for short-time working for German and Austrian locations and reduces production in Immenhausen from March 27th, 2020.
  • In this way, sera is above all counteracting the looming break in the supply chains and the collapse in demand in all business divisions. 
  • sera will continue to meet its obligations and ensure 100% availability for customers.
  • The aim is to keep the measure as short as possible depending on the market environment.

In response to the Corona pandemic, the sera Group is temporarily reducing production at the Immenhausen, Passau and Suben (Austria) sites and is applying for short-time working. "Due to the spread of the Corona virus in Europe, the situation in our supply chains is becoming increasingly difficult. This is compounded by postponements in orders and a slump in orders due to the situation at our customers. Since the health of our employees is also a priority for us, we are temporarily shutting down our production and administration. At the same time, however, we are making every effort to keep the inconvenience for our customers as low as possible", said Carsten Rahier, Managing Partner of the sera Group.

sera is therefore introducing short-time working at the locations Immenhausen, Passau and Suben (Austria) from Friday, March 27th. The employees of sera GmbH, sera ProDos Gmbh, sera ComPress Gmbh, sera Technology Austria GmbH and sera Vertriebsservice Süd GmbH are affected by the effects. Our customers will nevertheless be (restrictedly) supported during this time, contact persons will of course be available for questions, inquiries and online meetings. Currently, sera assumes a 4 - 6 week production restriction. As long as it is possible, the operation of the sales and service locations worldwide should be fully maintained in order to still ensure the supply chains for our customers. 

sera has therefore applied for short-time working for almost all employees at the affected locations. Employees in short-time work should make use of the existing possibilities for mobile working and work from home if possible. Carsten Rahier: "We do everything in our power to maintain service and spare parts supply for our customers and to ensure the processing of current or new projects 100 percent".

sera is also reducing production at the locations outside Germany. The measures for the locations in Switzerland, Spain, South Africa and Great Britain are handled individually.

At sera, numerous measures were recently taken to counteract the spread of the Corona virus. The administrative staff have already been working almost 100% mobile since the beginning of March. Extensive hygiene measures have been implemented in-house. Business trips were also no longer carried out. In addition, all external visits and participation in events were cancelled. The health of the employees has absolute priority for sera.

 However, the current situation forces the sera Group to take the next step in order to counter the crisis appropriately.