Survey proves very good performance of sera ProDos GmbH

In May 2017, more than 3,000 national customers were contacted and asked to fill in a survey on customer satisfaction. The feedback from almost 10 % of the customers on products, processes and service helps sera to improve.

The customers were asked for their satisfaction with product quality, price-performance ratio and quality of service / support.

The evaluation of the results shows an extraordinarily positive feedback across all topics.

Particularly noticeable is the high customer loyalty: More than 90 % of the respondents are loyal customers.  

Almost 77 % attested sera a high quality, 16 % a very high quality. So more than 90 % of the German customers rate sera’s quality above average. This result is confirmed in another part of the survey: One of the most important factors for customers to buy sera products is reliability.

Almost 100 %  of all customers are also satisfied or very satisfied with sera’s adherence to delivery dates, which is exceptionally high.

An overall very positive feedback from sera’s customers which will encourage all sera employees to proceed with the good work – and to improve.