Technical Publication: Certified standard products for water treatment

In 2010 the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan decided to introduce a common and uniform system with technical regulations.

A prerequisite for the delivery of products to these countries is, therefore, certification in accordance with the established regulations of the Customs Union. These “Technical Regulations" (TR) are the counterpart to the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and define the requirements for safety, health and the conformity assessment procedure.

The sera metering pumps and standardised dosing systems also meet the TR requirements, in addition to the machinery directive, and are therefore approved for delivery to the Customs Union.

Following that approval a wastewater treatment plant was converted in Severodvinsk City, the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, for which at the end of last year sera delivered a three-chamber polymer-preparation unit, 15 CVDs with priming aid for polymers and 15 post-dilution stations for sludge conditioning.

To neutralise the water with acids and lyes, another 13 CVDs with priming aids were delivered by the sera partner OOO Hennlich. The engineering and process design of the water treatment was carried out by the company Ecopolymer.