The precise interaction of sensors, controllers and dosing pumps plays an important role particularly in the area of chemical dosing.

Measurement, dosing and control

The new AQUASENSO® series with sera sensors delivers measurement and control in water analysis. The controller of AQUASENSO® analyses and compares the nominal value with the indicated value and regulates the performance accordingly. Finally a sera metering pump ensures the precise addition of chemical at all times.

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Water analysis

The sensors of the series AQUASENSO® identify themselves by a high level of availability for detection of analysis parameters.

The following measurement parameters are available for the analysis of:

  •  pH
  •  Redox
  •  Conductivity
  •  Chlorine
  •  Temperature

Field of application

The modules are used in the water analysation in a wide field of applications such as drinking water-, swimming pool water, sewage and waste water treatment, process chemistry and beverage industry. Therefore the applications are tailored to the individual application.