Diaphragm pumps of type C409.2, controllable

Flow rate from 0,8 l/h to 350 l/h, counter pressure up to 10 bar

sera controllable Diaphragm Pumps of typ C409.2 are electronically controlled dosing pumps which can be used for many applications. They are designed for industrial use and guarantee highest operational reliability.

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Capability characteristics

  • leakage-free
  • directly controllable
  • PROFIBUS-DP-Interface
  • highest dosing accuracy
  • long service live of diaphragms
  • linear control characteristic
  • unlimitedly safe to run dry
  • low maintenance
  • low operating expenses

Field of application

Flow free mediums with the following characteristics:

  • aggressive
  • abrasive
  • viscous
  • radioactive
  • flammable
  • odorous
  • toxic


Materials and options

A suitable material is available for each dosing medium!

  • Pump body and valves: PVC, PP, PVDF, 1.4571, PP-FRP, PVDF-FRP
  • Valve balls: PTFE, 1.4401
  • Valve seals: EPDM, FPM, FEP-covered, FFKM1)
  • Working diaphragm: EPDM, PTFE, PTFE-faced
  • Manual vent valve1): PP-FRP, PVDF-FRP

1) only for pumps in FRP-execution, 0,8 l/h till 2,4 l/h
Please ask us for any material required but not mentioned here

Available designs

Type Q (at 50 Hz) p/max.
C409.2-25 e up to 25 l/h 10 bar
C409.2-50 e up to 50 l/h 10 bar
C409.2-75 e up to 75 l/h 10 bar
C409.2-90 e up to 90 l/h 8 bar
C409.2-115 e up to 115 l/h 4 bar
C409.2-140 e up to 140 l/h 8 bar
C409.2-180 e up to 180 l/h 4 bar
C409.2-250 e up to 250 l/h 3 bar
C409.2-350 e up to 350 l/h 3 bar