PROFIBUS has been the established fieldbus for machines and systems for years. Based on serial bus technology, it revolutionized the automation world in the 1980s and created the basis for decentralized concepts for the first time. In the 1990s, Ethernet spread to IT and industry. With the PROFINET standard, Ethernet was expanded to include the properties for networking in automation and has been used successfully since then. Today, both systems have become indispensable in production. With additional expansions, PROFINET is also used in process automation.


PROFINET is based on an Industrial Ethernet standard for data transmission and thus not only enables the linkage of the field level, but also ensures a combination with industrial IT functions, which enables continuous use in production and process automation.

The control electronics of the sera dosing pumps can be expanded with an INTERFACE MODULE. This is connected directly to the electronics and offers the option of integrating the respective dosing pump into a PROFINET structure. With two PROFINET connections, it can be integrated in both ring and tree structures.

Further information can be found in the operating instructions.