PolyLine Double

Polymer preparation station as a double-deck version.

In the case of sera PolyLine Double, the chambers are installed one above the other.

  • Fully automatic preparation of organic flocculent aid
    (pulverized and/or liquid)
  • Process logic control (PLC)
  • Selectable concentration of prepared solution
  • Feeding device
  • Dry material feeder with thermal protection zone
  • Pump for liquid polymer (option)
  • Dissolving water unit
  • Electric agitator
  • Performance graduation that meets the requirements


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​Product information PolyLine



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Customer benefits

  • Low-cost investment
  • Economical operation
  • Safe process and production
  • Short delivery times
  • Ideally designed as per customer request and application
  • Robust and durable industrial construction
  • Easy commissioning and operation
  • High product quality
  • Everything from a single source

Field of application

  •  Sludge dewatering/ -conditioning
  •  Waste water treatment
  •  Paper Industry
  •  Treatment of drinking water
  •  Chemical industry
  •  Treatment of industrial water
  •  Power plant
  •  Shipbuilding

Design & Function

Preparation of the polymer is effected in the top chamber. The matured product is drained into the lower chamber after the maturing time has ended. Because of this process, a product carryover is prevented.