PolyLine Flow

Polymer preparation station as a 3-chamber system.

The sera PolyLine Flow is a 3-Chamber-unit.

  • Fully automatic preparation of organic flocculent aid
    (pulverized and/or liquid)
  • Process logic control (PLC)
  • Selectable concentration of prepared solution
  • Feeding device
  • Dry material feeder with thermal protection zone
  • Pump for liquid polymer (option)
  • Dissolving water unit
  • Electric agitators
  • Performance graduation that meets the requirements


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Product information PolyLine


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Customer benefits

  •  Low-cost investment
  •  Economical operation
  •  Safe process and production
  •  Short delivery times
  •  Ideally designed as per customer request and
  •  application
  •  Robust and durable industrial construction
  •  Easy commissioning and operation
  •  High product quality
  •  Everything from a single source

Field of application


  •  Sludge dewatering/ -conditioning
  •  Waste water treatment
  •  Paper Industry
  •  Treatment of drinking water
  •  Chemical industry
  •  Treatment of industrial water
  •  Power plant
  •  Shipbuilding

Design & Function

With the 3-chamber system, the polymer is dissolved with water in the first chamber. The product then matures in the second chamber. The prepared solution is transferred into the third chamber via the overflow and then removed. Since the process fits optimally to the demand, a product carryover is kept at a minimum.