High-performance peristaltic pumps and peristaltic dosing pumps

PeriBest pump hose technology

  • maximum resistance to abrasion
  • incomparable suction capacity
  • unlimited dry run
  • no valves or mechanical seals
  • full dosing control
  • Dosing accuracy of +-1%


No problems with challenging media

  • abrasive media
  • corrosive media
  • viscous media
  • shear-sensitive media

Peribest T05 peristaltic dosing pump


Flow rate: max. 25 l/h
Capacity: 0.0042 l/rev
Max. delivery pressure: 4 bar
Max temperature: 80°C

Peribest I28 and I35

Max. delivery pressure: 10 bar
Max temperature: 80°C

Flow rate: max. 1,900 l/h
Capacity: 0.47L/U

Flow rate: max. 3,600 l/h
Capacity: 0.89L/U

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